Thursday, September 1, 2011


Me?  Inspiring?

As I went through my blog stats today.. looking at my readers pages and where my blog is shared I came across this:

My blog is on there!  It really warmed my heart and it definitely made me smile.  To know that people find my words inspiring just makes me so happy.  When I started this blog I didn't know it's potential.  That I actually had the power to help other people and let those around me into my own life.  It's really a powerful thing.

I try to be honest, to put my feelings into perspective.  Cry, laugh, get angry.. it all comes out in my blog.  This is to tell our story, to talk to him, and learning to live again.  People don't always agree with me and that's fine.  I don't expect people to.  At the same time, this is my space.  For me to say whatever I please.

It's come a long way in the last 361 days.  I come here when I need to get something out and before I know it I have an entire post full of my thoughts.

It'll be a year in a few hours.  I like to think he's proud of me.  Proud of me for standing tall and pushing forward in life without him by my side.  I mean.. he's still here.  Not in the preferred form, but he would never ever leave me to fend for myself.

I know everyone says, "everything happens for a reason."  Maybe it is true.  Maybe I was destined for something in this lifetime and this is how it's being uncovered.  Granted I would prefer my old life, but I think I'm doing rather well considering the circumstances.

Finding that article today was just what I needed.  A little boost in my life to feel like I am actually making a difference.  After all.. making a difference has always been a goal in my life.  I am an education major you know.

I'm going to attempt sleep and hopefully I'll have some sweet dreams.  Stay with me tomorrow babe.  Love you always.


  1. Chrissy,
    I am positive Josh is so very proud of you. As the one year mark nears in a few hours I hope you stay as strong as possible but know that it is okay to cry until you can't cry anymore and laugh until your stomach hurts because that shows how much love is in your memories. You are an incredibly inspiring person. You can and are making a difference. Think of the drives you have done and the speeches you have made. These things touch lives and I can only imagine how great of a teacher you will be. Everyone who reads this blog is truly blessed by your willingness to share with the world. Keep your head up and know that Josh is watching over you.
    "A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest. God broke my heart to prove to me that he only takes the best."

  2. in my heart, in my thoughts always, especially today <3 chin up, hes walking beside you.

  3. I am thinking of you during this hard time. I pray the day goes as smoothly as it can.

  4. You seem to be doing well! :) I hope today has been a good day for you, all things considered. You are in my thoughts!

  5. Ive been thinking about you today and i remember I use to listen to this song when i dated a marine...

    hope it helps


  6. Things will go much better by the time passes. I like your honesty.

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