Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Clarification Annonymous Commentor

Then you are not reading what I said.  I admit.. ALL THE TIME that there are people that have it worse than I do.  I'm talking about people who have EVERYTHING, but it's not enough for them.  That people who act like life is so terrible.  What's so terrible?  Why do certain people complain about every single little thing?

Do people complain and get hurt and have problems?  Yes.  Everyone does and I know that.  And I know there are people who have it worse.  And I disagree.  I do think the loss of loved one could hurt more than other things.  And I'm sure there is plenty more about that. 

If you don't like what I write on my blog.. then don't read it.  I don't need negativity in my life.. Especially this week.  And if you're someone I know.. disappointed.  Don't twist my words.


  1. I know you I dont really comment on your blog but I just had to say, try to ignore that commenter. I think you are incredibly strong. This is your blog and you show how down you are feeling at times which you are 100% entitled to. I dont think you have ever acted like you have the worse problems in the entire world (and you even said that in your post below). Some people (the anonymous commenter) just arent very nice. I am sorry they couldnt be supportive of you.

  2. Forget them. If you don't have anything nice to say shut your face! You DO have the right to complain! You Do have it harder than others. You lost the love of your life. That is hard and you should be sad. I'm sorry they said that to you Chrissy.

  3. Dear Anonymous Commenter,

    Everyone has a right to grieve and vent the way that THEY choose. Not you, not me, and not anyone else. Grief is different for everyone. If you had read a little bit more about said girl and the love of her life then you would know how very much they loved each other. For years they centered their lives together, loved, lived, and made plans. So to have it all ripped away so suddenly and in the way it did left a gap there. It left a gap for everyone that knew him. Anyone who knew one person knew they other. What would YOU do if you were her? I can guarantee that you wouldn't bear this with half as much grace, dignity, and heart as she has. ♥

    Chrissy, I'm sorry that someone felt the need to open their trap and criticize you that way. You are allowed to be angry and sad and vent however you want and as much as you want without someone telling you how. The thing that sticks with most of us is how real you are with this. You don't sugar coat things or pretend to feel better when you don't and when you get angry you say so.

  4. Thinking of you during this time.
    Peace to you.

    A fellow widow

  5. Chrissy, my son served with Josh although knew him only casually. I knew you from the Yuku site and have followed your blog the last several months. I don't know you personally but you appear to be an incredibly strong woman- just one with a broken heart. Writing is cathartic and I think you should continue to do so as you've hepled others going through similar pain. I think about you often but especially this week (Friday in particular). I will never forget that date as it's also my anniversary. Good things lie ahead for you. Take all the time you need to get there and don't beat yourself up if it doesn't happen tomorrow, next week or next year. God bless!

  6. I'm confused...when did you supposedly say your problems "hurt more than someone else"?!?!?! Ha. The anonymous commenter could use a lesson in reading comprehension! Not to mention, complaining is NOT a part of our "culture," or at least I hope not. And if it is, then that is pathetic.
    I happen to agree with you, Chrissy. People spend so much time complaining and it is pathetic. I will be honest, I used to complain ALL the time, not the "FML" type of complaining (because I hate when people say that) but just being a negative person. That is, until I began reading your blog. I kid you not, that is when I realized how negative I was and in turn how negative I should NOT be.
    Furthermore, why would you NOT "complain" or as your readers acknowledge it, express your feelings, on your OWN blog about this tragic event in your life? This is the place for you to do that. I don't get people... I really don't.

  7. To the commenter... it is worse not worst, and can't believe that someone would take time out to actually write that..

  8. I so want to break some knees now. Thinking about you, Chrissy ♥
    I am SO amazed at how you have handled everything this past year. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow even more than usual. And I'll be sure to say an extra prayer tonight ♥

  9. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PPL?!?! Ok rant over. Love you!

  10. My two cents on this subject is this:

    It's your blog.
    It's your grief.
    It's your life.

    You write what you want, you feel how you want, and you live how you want.

    It's ridiculous for someone to come on to your blog and tell you how you should be.

    ignore it ;) you are doing just fine.