Thursday, March 17, 2011


Helps my mood. Drastically.

I've noticed lately that I feel a little better about the day when it's not dark and gloomy.  Living in Pennsylvania, you know the winters suck.  I could handle them if we at least got some sunlight.  But the countless days of clouds and gloom is a killer.  Not to mention it's dark at like 5 so that's no help either.

Today is different though.  The suns out and I feel okay.  I like my okay days and maybe today will even be good (I don't know yet). The bad days seem a little less and that alone makes me happy.  It's not any fun living life with a little rain cloud floating above your head.  You don't realize how happy you were until you can't get rid of your cloud.

Oh, and it's Saint Patrick's day!  Maybe today will be a lucky day.  Probably not though because I seem to have the worst luck ever.  Although today is the perfect day for some Little Green Man festivities.  How convenient that it is a Thursday.  I mean really.. IUP has turned Saint Patrick's day into another homecoming weekend and reason for people to sell obnoxious t-shirts in the oak grove and get ridiculously intoxicated.  All in good fun.  I plan on joining later.. not gonna lie.

Another good thing about today- busting out the flip flops.  60 degrees is sufficient I think.  I'm just all over the place today.  Weather must be good for the soul.  I should seriously consider moving South once I'm done with school.  Winter just isn't healthy if you ask me.  Really- no wonder people are depressed.  It's cold and gloomy all the time.  It just makes it that much worse when you're going through a rough spot.

Well, hopefully this weather sticks around.  Until then I'm going to continue enjoying my day.  I'm leaving work shortly and I do believe a nail appointment is calling my name.  Then it's out and about.  I'll drink one for you, love. Miss you <3


  1. I'm so proud of you. I agree, sunshine makes even the worst day a little bit better. Thinking of you always!

  2. Hiya Chrissy,

    I'm not sure how I found your blog a few weeks ago but I want to let you know that you are an inspiration. I believe that bad things happens to good people, it's how you handle it that matters.

    Josh is blessed to have someone love him as much as you do and yes, you are blessed to because I'm sure he loves you just as much and is very proud of the woman you are.

    Keep your chin up, I'm rooting for you !!


  3. I'm the same way!

    This is why I moved to the beach.:)

  4. AGREED! Sunshine and fresh air help me feel better again :) Hugs!