Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Changing it Up

So for something different I'm going to write a blog about a fellow wid that I would be absolutely lost without. Seriously. Girl is like long lost sister because we are so much alike it's scary. Today I'm going to tell you her story. I first heard of Ashleigh when a fellow friend of ours, Jill, had asked for prayers when she found out Ashleigh's husband Cody had been killed in Afghanistan. I remember talking with Jill that night, September 1st to be exact.  Actually, as I was speaking with Jill, was probably about the time everything happened with Josh.  Scary much?

Anyways, after the dust settled and I slowly moved out of my fog, I added Ashleigh on facebook.  We exchanged a couple messages and within weeks we were talking every single night.  I love her.  We manage to get through this crazy (life we are forced to live) together.  We constantly ask each other if what we feel is "normal," or if we're being weird, talking about what life may be someday, hoping we'll find happiness, tears, anger, laughter.  All of it.  Did I mention I haven't met her in person yet?  Doesn't even matter.  Besides that is allllll about to change in a few short weeks.  Hello retail therapy!

So here it goes-

Ashleigh met Cody in February of 2009 (the 20th to be exact).  Cody was originally from Idaho, but was stationed in Virgina where Ashleigh lived.  Cody had to of known how amazing this girl was because instead of asking for her number, he stole it!  He wasn't allowing any room for "no."  A few days later, they went out on their first date.  Where to you might ask?  Chuck E Cheese.  If that doesn't say fun and loving, I don't know what does.

These two quickly fell in love and weren't about to waste any time.  The MC never fails and Cody left for Camp Lejeune in the spring.  Ashleigh followed and on June 13, 2009 they said "I do and til death do us part."

Later that year, the newlywed couple found out they were adding a new addition to the family.

On May 14, 2010, Baby Colten Roberts made his appearance in the world.

When June 2010 rolled around, it was supposed to be a happy time.  The couple was just about to celebrate their first anniversary and on that very day Cody was set to leave for Afghanistan.  The night before D-day the two celebrated their anniversary.  They didn't shower each other with gifts.  Instead, they exchanged cards, had dinner together, and just enjoyed the time that they had together.  That truly shows the love they had for each other because nothing else was important except for their time spent together.

June 13, 2010- Anniversary and deployment day.  Cody was off to Afghanistan and left Ashleigh caring for their 1 month old son.  She's a tough girl though and Cody reassured her she could do it.  Without question, Cody had a job to do and willingly stepped up to the plate.  Ashleigh was holding down the fort at home with Baby Colten.  Before Cody stepped on the bus he said this, "Lord we love you more than anything. Keep me safe, watch over my family. Put a wall of angels around our home to protect them"

August 31, 2010.  "Til death do us part" came far too soon.  Ashleigh got the knock on the door that no military spouse wants.  She found out that her husband had been killed in Afghanistan.   Thrown into a whirlwind life a widow and single mother.

Ashleigh never asked for this life, but she's a fighter.  Each day is a struggle.  She manages to get through it and be the most amazing mother to that little boy.  She knows the life Cody wants her to live and she is more determined than ever to find that happiness again.  Her and Cody had a love so strong that not even death can break it.  She doesn't have a choice but to live this life and she's going to do it;  she's going to do it for Cody and their son.  Are there days she doesn't want to anymore?  Sure.  However, she never gives up.  That love gives her the strength to fight back against everything that has been thrown at her.  No matter where she goes in life she is always going to feel that love.  She's going to have good days and bad days.  One day she will be happy again.  Cody will make sure of that and he's going to walk by her side each step of the way.  This girl went and welcomed home her husbands fellow Marines/brothers.  Yes, she's that strong and you know that he was with her the entire time.  She continues to make him proud of her each and every day.  He doesn't even need to tell her.  She's amazing and for that reason you should go check her out.  Ashleigh started a blog and it shares her journey on this road.  When Three Becomes Two is her blog.  Follow her and support her.  She's a tough cookie, but encouraging words are always the icing on top. 

One thing I'm thankful for through all of this is finding people like her.  Someone who understands what you're going through.  Someone who listens to all your whack stories and stupid people stories.  Up at the ridiculous hours of the night.  Talking about the future.  Dealing with the pain, laughter, tears, love.  Everything.  I'm so glad I know her and that I'm not going through this alone.  Love you Ash <3


  1. Prayers to the 3 of you. You are a talented writer Chrissy and I love reading your blog. I know that each day it either tugs at my heart, makes me teary eyed or burst with love.
    May God continue to wrap his loving arms around you, Ashley and her son.

  2. while I am not happy to see her in the same situation, I am glad you have someone that knows what you're going through. She definitely sounds like a strong person. Prayers for you both! I hope you two stay friends for a very long time!

  3. Chrissy, Thank you for being there for Ashleigh as we try to as well. Especially since you are there for her to talk to because I fear sometimes I just don't know what to say. I hope to meet you when you come down next month. I won't be hard to find I bought the house next to Ashleigh's. Hugs to you and thank you for being there when she needs you.


  4. Chrissy she's lucky to have you too. We are all lucky to have you. Reading your blogs is hard, and I like it that way. If its hard for me to read it, its got to be a million times harder for you to write it. Thank you for sharing. I've learned so much from you!