Thursday, September 30, 2010

Other peoples dreams

So I have gathered a general census that you have been visiting other people (hope you don't mind!) and here's a couple of the messages I have gotten the past two days:

"Okay, so I had the weirdest dream last night. I was like in jail and everything it was weird. But anyways, Josh was in my dream. This is where it gets random. Anyways, I was in heaven watching everyone. Someone asked Josh why he was all gray because everyone in heaven is supposed to be rainbow colored but Josh said he wasn't rainbow colored cause you weren't there and the only way you were allowed to be rainbow colored in heaven is if you were complete and happy how you left people/things on earth. He said he would never be rainbow colored, because of him your heart is broken and he left you before he was ready to. So now he'll be gray until you're with him or until he knows that you're okay. And he knew I was watching so he said tell Chrissy i'll wait right here (because the gray people weren't allowed with the rainbow people)."

"Last night, you and Josh made an appearance in my dream. He was there, talking to you, and you could see him, and touch him, but it was after he died. (Weird, I know.) But he was with us watching a Steelers game, wearing his Jersey that he had. After the game was over, you walked with him to the door, because he told you that he couldn't stay. He brushed your hair back (I don't know if he did that regularly or not) and told you that he was okay where he was, that he was proud of you, and that he loves you still. Then he kissed your forehead and walked out. "

Heartbreaking and Comforting all at the same time..


  1. Those are both beautiful. And you said it so right, both heartbreaking and comforting. I hope it brings you even just a little bit of peace today, though. <3

  2. I don't know if I should cry or smile, so I did both. But, I'm with Rach on this one, I hope you could find a little bit of peace through these dreams. Looks like your fella is looking out for you, and he's making sure that the peeps around you are too. Pretty freakin' amazing guy right there!! Hugs and love!!